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SHake hand with the earth

It has changed the present living conditions, and it will change the living in future as well.
A large amount of the garbage and excreta are generated every day.
It has been a common practice in the society that the site for processing the garbage and excreta must be separate from the place of everyday living.
However, the processing activity must be executed by an eco-friendly company, which will help the community living in this world to be better.
There is only one earth,
the sky, the rivers, the oceans are associated with this earth.
The discharged pollutants are in circulation in the environment.
What is important is the processing of this garbage executed with safety and security, irrespective of the place of processing.
And, the business community must feel proud in developing this kind of mechanism.
Chubu Ecotec, which has been started as an environmental engineering section of Chubu Shiryo, the Fodder manufacturer, will help in achieving ‘Shake Hand with the Earth’, by processing the garbage and excreta using the component series.

Manufacturing of the organic fertilizer

 Contribute to improving the food situation by recycling the organic wastes.

There are growing concerns all over the world about worsening the food situation, which is due to population explosion, energy problems, changes in climate, etc..
An effective use of the organic wastes is emphasized as one of the solutions.
The organic fertilizer is produced from the organic wastes such as livestock excreta, garbage. Using it, the following merits are predicted.
* Contribution to the society by resolving the issues regarding the sales revenue and the environment for the manufacturer of the organic fertilizer.
* Improvement of soil condition and increase in the yield for the user of the organic fertilizer.
* Good place to live for all the people.
An easy, eco-friendly and wonderful business has started in the global environment.

Development of global technological level

Manufacturing and development of “Compo” (An equipment to manufacture the organic fertilizer from the organic wastes) and the method for manufacturing the valuable organic fertilizer at low price

Through the research of many years, we investigated the characteristics and the effectiveness of using the organic fertilizers manufactured from each raw material of a variety of the organic wastes. Then, we developed the most appropriate equipment.
As businessmen, we will not stop here, but will search for a new possibility in future.

Global sales network

SThere are a lot of results in the sales and the maintenance of “Compo” (An equipment to manufacture the organic fertilizer from the organic wastes).

We have the high-design technology and the processing technology of Japan for the development of the equipment. In addition, the knowhow to produce the organic fertilizers has been gathered from the first equipment in 1976.
There are the sales results of more than 3500 equipment in Japan and of highly reliable equipment even in the global market.