Environmental policy

Basic concept

Chubu Ecotec Co., Ltd. with policy of "Shake Hand with the Earth", aims to decrease the load in global environment. Company works continuously and positively through the business activity and contributes to conserve the precious earth.

Guidelines for action

"Service of the company is development and sale of plant for effective use of the organic waste discharged from human activity. In the business activity/work activity of the company, legal matters associated with environment and other demands permitted by an organization, are observed.

Following points are established for environmental purpose and target and improvement is done.

(1) Prevention of atmospheric, water and soil pollution caused due to the widely used in-house product profitable for environment, reduction of waste material and promotion of recycling.

(2) Promote the efficient use of the energy and resource consumed in the business activity/work activity

To implement the points mentioned above, we set the environmental purpose and target and work hard for promotion of continuous improvement of environmental management system and for the pollution prevention.

Well-known environmental policy is provided and it is displayed on the home page to make it public and is made available easily on request.

May 18, 2009
Chubu Ecotec Co., Ltd.
CEO: Koji Kawasaki